Evil Star
Anthony Horowitz
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Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM By Anthony Horowitz

First printing.
  • Title: Evil Star
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780439679961
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover


Shakira Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
I really enjoyed this second instalment. It jad a completely different tone to the first book which I loved, that's not to say that I didn't love the tone of fhe first book, it's just really interesting to see the tone of the story shift with each new setting. This book still had the creepy factor 100% and it was everything I expected and more! This book was quite funny, by no means hilarious, but I lolled quite a few times. The problem I had with the last book being that we didn't get to know M [...]
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Ahmad Sharabiani Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Evil Star (The Gatekeepers, #2), Anthony Horowitz عنوان: ستاره ی اهریمنی ؛ مجموعه قدرت پنج نگهبان - کتاب دوم؛ نویسنده: آنتونی هوروویتس؛ مترجم: گیتا گرکانی؛ تهران، تندیس، 1393، در 310 ص، شابک: 9786001820267؛ موضوع: داستانهای کودکان از نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 21 م
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Mike (the Paladin) Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Ouch.I really liked the first in this series. This one lost my interest early on. Maybe it's just me. I always say that when a series of books inexplicably seems to crash for me. Was it the writing? Was it the characterization? Was it simply this one volume?I can't really say except that this seemed very repetitive. Our young hero whines about being "forced" into the situation. "I didn't ask for this", "Why me?" on and on. "I just want to be able to be normal", "I just want to be left alone". (O [...]
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Jennifer Wardrip Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooEVIL STAR is the second book in the Anthony Horowitz series called THE GATEKEEPERS. In book one, titled RAVEN'S GATE, main character Matt discovers he is one of five specially chosen teens. Their purpose is to save the world. Matt doesn't know the other five and must "close" Raven's Gate on his own. As the second book, EVIL STAR, begins, Matt finds himself in Peru meeting up with Pedro, who turns out to be one of the chosen five. Matt [...]
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Jo (A rather Bookish Geek) Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Admittedly, I was pretty torn with this book. It started off rather promisingly, then around halfway through, it seemed to kind of "lose it's way"Having read "Ravens Gate"I have found myself comparing this book to that. In my opinion," Ravens Gate" was better. Having said that, Horowitz's writing is mostly engaging and fast paced and just like in the first book, there is a rather dark theme, which makes the story all the more intriguing. There were however, a couple of issues for me. The major o [...]
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Aaron Vincent Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Right after the creepy movie-like Chapter 1, I already knew that it will be an awesome read. And man, it was indeed awesome. I am itching to give this book a 5 star rating but I find the first book, Raven's Gate, more awesome. I guess I just find the witches as enemies more haunting than a freak business tycoon. It has the same gripping edge-of-the-seat pacing but the first book is creepier and it's more of an adventure tale than a horror story. That is the reason why I'm giving it a 4 star rati [...]
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Derpa Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
For now I quit at 30%. After so much fantasy with big scope, big themes, just generally adult stuff this just doesn't really cut it. Maybe I will finish it, it's not offensively bad, but for now I would prefer to return to Abercrombie or Butcher.
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Erika Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
The story was awesome. Like the rest of the books in this series, it's full of suspense, and is very entertaining. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat!.But i have a HUGE complaint about this specific book, that bothers me so much because i think it's silly that this thing happened in a book from a known author.What i didn't like is that the story takes place most of the time in Peru, and there they are supposed to speak Spanish, so the author writes some sentences and expressions in Spa [...]
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Reihane Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
در مورد ستاره شیطانی جلد دوم قدرت پنج نگهبان باید بگم جالب بود و پر هیجان. مت که حالا با ریچارد زندگی می کنه درگیر خطراتی می شه و به نظر میاد روی سرنوشتش هیچ کنترلی نداره. دوازه ی دوم توی پروه و بالاخره مت و ریچارد راهی می شن که برای جلوگیری از باز شدن دوازه ی دوم به پرو برن اما در [...]
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Trina-Marie Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
3.5 starsI liked this book, and I think that if I had read it before I read Raven's Gate, I would have given it at least 4.5 stars, but since I didn't I just couldn't help comparing the two of them. I LOVED Raven's Gate. I thought that book was awesome and I liked the whole witchcraft, creepy town thing that it had going on. Since Evil Star didn't have that, and instead had a crazy big headed billionaire, I wasn't as into it; I just didn't find it as intriguing. I did still like the whole Matt a [...]
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Serena Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Richard and Matt take a trip to Peru, where Richard is kidnapped and Matt meets Pedro. He is another one of the five, a street thief who Matt can share dreams with, and claims to have no obvious powers of his own. They encounter modern Incan "Indians", misshapen business man Salamanda, corrupt cops, and hints of a traitor within Nexus itself - and find themselves before the gate that is the Nazca Lines unlocked by the "evil star". One star taken because I felt Peru could have switched places on [...]
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Becky Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Fun and adventurous story! This is the second book in the "Gatekeepers" series, and was much less creepy than the first book. Don't get me wrong, there is still some creepy happenings, but much more on an adventure scale than horror scale. Matt, the hero of the fist book, is back to stop the opening of a second gate in South America. He meets up with some new heroes, and villians, finds out more about being a gatekeeper, and goes on a grand adventure through Peru (including the tops of the mount [...]
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Johannes P Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
This is the sequel to Raven's Gate and book two of the Gatekeepers. In this book Matt is forced to go to a school where he clearly doesnt belong, but soon finds out he is wanted dead by forces unknown to him. During the story Matt saves an entire school from a bus accident, he meets another gatekeeper who doesn't speak English, and there is another final climax moment where he meets up with Richard again. I learned throughout this book that even if you are made fun of, you can still make a diffe [...]
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Vicky Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
That ending had me in such suspense and to this day I want more!
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Isabella Kuo Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
The first book is eally good so I'm starting the second book, EVIL STAR! I hope it's even more interesting than the first one!
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Laurel Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
This is the second book in the Gatekeepers series. In the first book, Matthew has an interesting couple of weeks. In the end, he finds out that he is one of the 5 children that are essentially guardians of the gates. Evil people are trying to let the "old ones" out of their gates, and Matt managed to stop them from opening Raven's Gate in the first book. The old ones are basically the great monsters and demons that people managed to lock up thousands of years ago, but now they are getting closer [...]
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Fatemeh Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
3.5Better than first book.
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Rogerio Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
This is very good writing which will transport you to Peru. This second book is much better than the first and there is very little of "fantastic powers" and more of daily life adventure. It is beautiful adventure together with the Incas, their lost cities and secret passages. The mix with the Incas reality pre-Pizzarro and today's Peru is perfect. Horowitz did a really good in presenting Vilcabamba still there and inhabited, the temples and the gold slabs of once still visible but hidden away, [...]
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Janette Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
I think that Anthony Horowitz is a really talented writer. He just nails boy-wish fulfillment. Wait, that sounds vaguely obscene--what I mean is that he knows how to write characters who are leading lives boys wish they could live. Well, you know, except for the parts where people are vigilantly trying to kill the main character.Anyway, I was expecting to really love this book since A) Anthony Horowitz wrote it, and B) it involves Peru, a place my husband lived for two years; two of my children [...]
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Shameeka Alexis Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Matt Freeman knows now that he is no ordinary fourteen-year-old. He has inner powers: the ability to move objects or to wreak havoc simply by using his mind. But these powers are still latent, beyond hiscontrol.They were tested once in Raven’s Gate . Matt found himself chosen as a blood sacrifice to open a magic portal between two dimensions. Ancient creatures of unimaginable evil, the Old Ones, were attempting tore-enter the world to destroy it. At the very last minute, Matt was able to stop [...]
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Hai Jie Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
I selected this book because I had read the first book: Raven's Gate. The first book was quite interesting so I decided to read the second book which is this one. This book did impress me very much when I finish reading it because unlike this author's other series: Alex Rider, this series didn't have the same story structure where the author changed the way of the events so it isn't basically the same kind of event in the book and is more different and unique. Another thing that impressed me was [...]
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Cheryl Chang Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
In Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz, Matt thrown into a world of supernatural things and is told that he is "one of the five"(67). However, Matt has never wanted this, he had always wanted to be your average teenage boy. Nevertheless, he is forced into the world of supernatural and dangerous events. One before he was thrown into this world and he did all he could to protect our world but he must do it all again. This time he was sent to Peru where he meets another of the five and together they must [...]
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Skip Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
Matt Freeman is attending a private school, with the financial assistance of the Nexus. He refuses their plea for help in Peru, but changes his mind when his crazy Aunt hijacks a gas tanker and blows up the school. Using his gift, Matt is able to avert the slaughter of innocents, and then agrees to go to Peru. Once there, he and his friend Richard are ambushed on the ride in from the airport. Matt finds a pauper named Pedro, who gets him to his hotel, where the secret police try to arrest Matt. [...]
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Nicholas Dunn Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
This is the second book in the Ravens Gate series and after making sure that the first gate stayed closed, Matt soon finds out that there is another gate somewhere in Peru. As Matt than travels to Peru to find what will keep the second gate closed an ancient diary! But as soon as his flight lands, he is jumped by people who want the gate to open so they can rule the world. Somehow, Matt escaped and when he was running away, he than found the second person with special powers like him. The quest [...]
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Steven L. Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
This is the second book in the Gatekeepers series. It is set in Peru and England. Matt already sucessed in closing Raven's Gate, one of the gateways the Old Ones can come through. Now he is sent to Peru to try to close the second gate. In Peru Ricard is taken by a mysterious group of people, Matt was able to get away, while on their way to meet a member of the Nexus. Matt finds the second gatekeeper, Pedro. Pedro is a healer. together they attempt to close the second gate.
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Magaly Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
this book was really interesting. I really loved it when Matt no matter what kept going to stop the old ones and even though Pedro and Matt don't speak the same language, Anthony uses imagery to show how they communicate. He uses a dream which is almost impossible, and that's what readers want to read.
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Aramis Daniels Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
I thought Evil Star was very interesting, when Matt and Pedro have to stop a C.E.O. of this massive company, Salamanda (that's his actual name) that is trying to help The Old Ones, by sending a satellite to complete a star formation to open another gate. I loved it, thanks to its suspense all the way through the book.
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Alistair Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
I liked it! I like how they travel and actually do stuff. It is better than Raven's Gate. SPOILER!Ooooooooooooooooooooh no! The old ones are free! How are they going to stop them this time? Nightrise better have some answers!
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Nika Oct 31, 2020 - 18:41 PM
A bit scary, but interesting none the less. I liked the Inks and the fact that the second of the Five was found, but I didn't enjoy the ending so much. I am, however, aware that this is not the last book in the series.
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