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Unlimited The Love Experiment - by Ainslie Paton
Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM By Ainslie Paton

Unlimited The Love Experiment - by Ainslie Paton - The Love Experiment, The Love Experiment Can you fall in love in thirty six questions The closest rookie lifestyle writer Derelie Honeywell gets to megastar reporter Jackson Haley is an accidental shoulder brush in The Courier s elevator Tha
  • Title: The Love Experiment
  • Author: Ainslie Paton
  • ISBN: 9781488081071
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook


Laura Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Although the book definitely delivers on its premise and I had a decent time reading it, I just couldn t bring myself to really like it.There were aspects of the story I truly enjoyed like the church fighting and the whole newspaper atmosphere but, ultimately, I wasn t invested on the relationship I think I just didn t like the couple at all Not even as individuals The writing style was fine it was your typical contemporary kind of telling but yeah, didn t like the romance.I hope to have better [...]
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✰♊ Angie ♊✰ Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I really liked the unique angle of this book An experiment to determine whether 36 questions asked and answered honestly between two strangers can spark the emotion of love It s an interesting theory and I enjoyed reading about how these two completely opposite co workers attempted this challenge For the most part, I really liked reading this story Watching two MCs go from enemies to lovers is always like book crack for me and made for some great push and pull I do think this book could have use [...]
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♥Rachel♥ Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
3.5 4 Stars The writing was beautiful and hot, but it took me a while to warm up to the hero He was a total ass for the first 25 30%, and then all of a sudden he was amazing I m happy with how it all worked out, but I thought it wrapped up a little too quickly.
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Kindling Micky Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
4.5 starsThis book lived up to my hopes of an office love hate and After reading the blurb, I knew this had potential and what I found was a funny, chemistry laden office scenario, with characters who were superb The story of THE LOVE EXPERIMENT built through the pages into what eventually became an intense love story.Derelie pronounced like merrily was what seemed to be a mousy reporter doing lifestyle pieces She slipped under the radar in meetings and in the office She was commissioned to wri [...]
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nick Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I heard about this book from Lucy Parker when she retweeted a link to it I read the summary and was immediately intrigued As much as I adore romance, there s no denying that there s sometimes a lack of creativity in the genre So, the concept of The Love Experiment was a breath of fresh air I just loved the idea of two people who would otherwise never connect falling in love through a proven survey experiment, and I thought Ainslie Paton worked with the concept beautifully.One of the reasons why [...]
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Sam (AMNReader) Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I could break this up into thirds, I think the first third was rough and choppy, and didn t build the enemies to lovers effectively for me It s not that I couldn t sense the chemistry, I wasn t sure I cared at that pointThen, the 2nd third came We re a crash course in chemical attraction we re lab rats let loose and juiced up on conversation We re as ill advised as we re inevitable And I thought YES.There is wonderful banter throughout, and Derelie may not appear tough, but she is tough and love [...]
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Lisa Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
First read September 2017 4 stars Also on Romances Ever After.Derelie Honeywell and Jack Haley cannot be wrong for each other Derelie rhymes with merrily writes light hearted, lifestyle pieces that Jack snottily refers to as clickbait for the online version of the paper they both work for, while Jack s the star of the print version and has been dubbed the Saviour of the City for all the investigative reporting that he s done It took a while for them to get in sync especially since Jack really d [...]
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Maria Rose Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
If you like snarky banter, strong heroines and thought provoking stories, then you need to add Ainslie Paton to your reading list In The Love Experiment, she s taken a psychological study meant to enhance intimacy and paired two opposites in a sexy, unique romance.36 Questions 4 minutes of sustained eye contact 1 love match That s what rookie reporter Derelie Honeywell is out to discover when she s assigned the task of participating in a love experiment as part of her lifestyle section in The Co [...]
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✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰ Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Derelie is still trying to find her place at the Chicago Newspaper she s been working at for the last eight months.And now here s her chance to prove herself.She s been asked to do this Love Experiment 36 Questions Date thing with the star reporter of the paper Jack Haley.But Jack is so not on board with that stupid fluff piece He has important investigating to do.But he s also very attracted to Derelie maybe he should do it.He hasn t dated in forever.What will happen with Derelie Jack Will the [...]
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Ellie Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Enjoyed it a lot The ending felt a bit rushed, I would have love an epilogue, but other than that is was quite nice fun and smart and serious.This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed it a lot It s a modern day sort of opposites attract romance with complex character, a love story full of twists and turns unfolding at the background of the desperate struggle of old school newspaper against going digital edition only I m in general wary of office romances but here the hero and heroine a [...]
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Amanda Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
4.5 stars, rounding up Ainslie Paton is a new to me author, so I wasn t sure what to expect with this book I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this I liked the premise of two journalists at the same newspaper being thrown together by their superiors for the love experiment, which refers to a real questionnaire that is supposed to develop intimacy with a series of questions that two people ask each other This felt like an original twist on the newsroom romance I do want to emphasi [...]
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Maf (Bookworm Wanders) Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
3.5 Stars, mostly because I felt like the relationship happened too fast but was sort of slowburn at the beginning, however once the relationship happened it moved waaaaay too fast, I still enjoyed it a lot because both main characters were complex and we got to know a lot about what made them act the way they acted, I m also taking points down because I love epilogues and this one didn t have one GIVE ME ALL THE CUTE YOU CAN POSSIBLY FIT INTO WORDS BRING IT ON I AM READY
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Blackjack Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Ainslie Paton is a completely new author to me and it is always exciting to find a new author to admire and read The Love Experiment was such an unexpected pleasure for many reasons but perhaps especially because it never followed a predictable plot While it begins with a light hearted and pretty hokey questionnaire that forces two very different and even antagonistic co workers together to test their ability to withstand artificial forced intimacy, it goes to places I did not foresee It is quit [...]
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Lindsey Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I struggled with the writing style of this at first but, I liked the premise and stuck with it, and I m glad I did Once I got used to the writing I really enjoyed the characters and their story This is a simple, cute romance that is low on unnecessary angst yay I also appreciated having a likable heroine that didn t make stupid decisions double yay If you re looking for something light and sweet, this is a good one to try
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Helen Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
This book had me turning the pages what a story it engages you from the start the banter and whit is so very entertaining there will be laughs and smiles as you get to know hero Jack Haley who is an investigative journalist with the Courier newspaper in Chicago, and new to the city journalist Derelie Honeywell who also works for the same paper although in the online department, sit back and enjoy.Derelie was the girl from the country loved dogs comes from a fabulous family and was determined to [...]
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Hannah Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I adored this novel with my whole, whole heart THANK YOU Lisa and Nick for letting me know about this beautiful novel via Twitter, because what would my life be like without Jack and Derelie rhymes with merrily.Jack, though an utter arsewipe at the start of the book, turned out to be this magical human being that I wanted to roll up into a ball He made some bad choices towards the end of the novel, but I could see why he did even though I hated him for it But at the same time he was SO BLOODY PE [...]
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Talking Books Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I loved reading about the characters of Derelie Honeywell and Jackson Haley in author Ainslie Paton s newest novel, The Love Experiment A feel good read that I could not put down Ms Paton is fast becoming my go to author for unmissable reads.Review copy received from Carina Press via Netgalley
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Juanita Kees Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Ainslie Paton has the gift to create a page turner I loved this story from beginning to end The hero is broody and mean, ala James Dean, yet you can t help but fall in love with him The heroine is sassy and strong She takes no nonsense from him, but when he does bruise her heart, boy, do you feel it like an arrow through yours The emotional ride is spectacular, the characters come to life on the page Ms Paton is a genius storyteller, and if you like hard hitting, edge of the seat, gritty yet kne [...]
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Bookgyrl Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
The premise of this book is quite interesting but I had a hard time getting into it I felt detached from the main characters and I think that is mainly because of the writing style There was too much focus on journalism and the changing times, where papers are starting to get obsolete and the internet is taking over The Hero is old school, writes investigative pieces He is thrown together with the heroine for a piece called The love experiment and they start a relationship, but when he encounter [...]
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Kaetrin Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Reviewed for Dear Author dearauthor book reviews ov
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Cécile Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
mignon et assez dr le La romance qui fait du bien.
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Rebecca Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I had never heard of Ainslie Paton before and I only picked up The Love Experiment because Nick reviewed it and said it came on her radar because of Lucy Parker, an author I love, so I had to check this out I preordered it and everything I have no regrets, it was a swoon worthy and addictive read I wasn t 100% I d love but went in optimistic.It all revolves around two reporters at a struggling newspaper answering questions to an experiment to see if it can forge a connection between them As the [...]
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✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰ Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Copy received from the author for an honest reviewAn Aislie Paton book is like Forrest Gump s box of chocolates you never know what you re going to get.I love that they are a little bit left of centre, that the characters are quirky and fun.Whilst The Love Experiment is a little normal than her other works, I adored it just as much.You can t help but love both Derelie rhymes with merrily and Jack Their relationship is not all fun and games, and you know it is going to be a loooong time before t [...]
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Rachna R Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
There was a section in the middle after they got together yes there are CHAPTERS of them after they ve gotten together my fave kind of romance where I was certain I d be giving this five stars The way the leads settle into each other and keep learning about each other while knowing each other at a gut level at the same time was kind of wonderful I especially loved seeing the building confidence with their relationship, from both sides and how both of them were equally capable of visibly knocking [...]
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Sommertime Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Why did I let this sit in my tbr pile for so long This book was amazing Jack and Derelie both work for a Chicago newspaper Jack is a cynical Investigative Journalist and Derelie is a country girl in the big city doing the click bait info tainment stories for the online paper They both get roped into doing a story about The Love Experiment, a set of 36 questions said to promote intimacy Jack is adamant about not getting involved in this fluff and he is quite an a to Derelie for a large part of th [...]
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Kayne Spooner Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
This is a fun one called The Love Experiment by Ainslee Paton with an Investigative Journalist and a ClickBait writer at a newspaper in Chicago The humor was lively, especially in the beginning, when they are thrown together for an article about an Intimacy Experiment There is insight into the changes in the newspaper publishing business as well as a farm girl adjusting to living in the big city.
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Ella Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I enjoyed the two main characters and their give and take dialogue They built an interesting dynamic through the novel Derelie developed as a character throughout and proved to be a nice balance for Jack Sadly personal dislike of certain background concepts prevent me from rating this higher that said I can understand why I ve seen a few people compare this to The Hating Game It s not the same but the dialogue has a certain spark that is lacking in other books.
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MaggieReadsRom Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
Took me a while to finish this book 2 months and that had nothing to do with the book I really liked it Jack and Derelie s story was wonderful and I got a nice look inside journalism The romance was sprinkled through perfectly and I loved the Marta bits I always love Ms Paton s writing and this one again didn t disappoint.
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Meghan Lloyd Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I had to think about this for a bit before writing my review, because while I really enjoyed this book, I flip flopped between what star rating to give There were parts of the book where I loved it so much that it was getting 5 stars from me, but then there were other parts, particularly when the hero was being a giant pain in the rear, when I was going down to 3 stars Ultimately, though, what rounded it out to a 4 star rating was the fantastic writing by Ainslie Paton Absolutely superb, kept so [...]
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Jess Jul 27, 2021 - 15:47 PM
I liked this very much I think there are moments when it moves too close to the hero being an irredeemable ass to the heroine, but it never ultimately crossed the line And it was a very feeling full book, which is something I ve been looking for lately Big emotions I want them.
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The Love Experiment By Ainslie Paton Unlimited The Love Experiment - by Ainslie Paton - The Love Experiment, The Love Experiment Can you fall in love in thirty six questions The closest rookie lifestyle writer Derelie Honeywell gets to megastar reporter Jackson Haley is an accidental shoulder brush in The Courier s elevator Tha

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  • Unlimited The Love Experiment - by Ainslie Paton
    338 Ainslie Paton
The Love Experiment